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Written Testimonials

As far as our view of relations with Nationwide Payments in general and with your office in particular is concerned, we have nothing but the most favorable things to think and say in every regard. It was apparent to us from the beginning that you conduct yourself and your business with rare integrity, with a unique and unwavering sense of purpose, with a high level of regard for the needs of your clients, with organizational thoroughness, with clarity of communication, and with responsiveness and a readiness to serve of a quality and a sincerity that I am sure I have never encountered before—and we have not seen the slightest breach in those characteristics, that is, you seem to practice them on a daily and an hourly basis with a consistency and therefore with a reliability that is, I think, seldom found and which is both reassuring, in as much as it leaves one feeling that one can count on you, and instructive, in that it becomes a living model of how to run a business well. Moreover, all of the technical aspects of the Nationwide—Verosa—PayTrace interconnections seem to be functioning perfectly; and the technical support from all three companies has been patient, courteous, and apt. It is a very well designed, a very well administered, and a very well serviced arrangement. Finally, we remain very grateful for the extraordinary kindness that you have shown us both in the form of your very generous terms and in the enormous amount of time that you have given in seeing to it that we would get things set up in the best possible way, despite the several unforeseen obstacles. Thank you again very much, and that, as well as the rest of my message, is expressed both to you and to Marilyn.

Peter Brown, also on behalf of Laurie, CFL

"We had a customer who could only do business by using an American Express card. I immediately called Diann Donaldson (Nationwide Payments Sales Professional) and she took care of all the details so we could take it. It was an $8,000 job. Without the help quick help we would have lost the account. I also love that I get a human being every time I've had a question with hardly any delays."

Brenda Kacvinsky, RJ Staso Heating and Air



"We have been in business since 1987. For several years we partnered with the local bank for credit card services. Then we were approached by South Dakota Retailers Association and they proved to us they could save us money by partnering with them so we did that for about 4 years. The we attended a floral show at North American Wholesale Florist in Sioux Falls and Dusty Foltz (Nationwide Payments Sales Proffesional) was there talking with us florists and we picked up his card and had him look over our situation and he was able to save us even more money on our monthly statements. He is an awesome representative for Nationwide Payments. If I have issues or concerns he seems to be able to solve or answer them and if he doesn't know it first hand he finds out. He's a keeper. After we joined your processing team I also gave Dusty some referrals and got him a few more and so each time I did that he would make me even a better deal. 

I have had several other processing companies ask who is my processor or to see an statement and when I tell them Nationwide Payments that just about takes care of the discussion. They still claim they can save me a little more but right now I am very comfortable with Nationwide Payments."

Chad Kruse, Owner/Manager, De Smet Flowers & Gifts



"I have been with Nationwide Payments (Dwight & Marilyn) for 8 years. They are always so pro-active with updates and such. We have never had an issue. In regards to questions that we may have, Marilyn always answers the phone instantly and knows the answer. We receive multiple calls monthly from other processors and we never consider speaking with them, We couldn't be happier!"

Rick Reinert, Creation Services Group

"Nationwide Payments has been the mainstay that has enabled our business to expand comfortably. The system has facilitated our growth from humble beginnings to multiple locations and aided us in realizing our dream of our own standalone winery. By utilizing a system to connect and homogenize our different locations, we avoid the pitfalls of re-training and confusion. We are able to focus on our craft and our customers, without a concern for reliability and over our system. Thank you Nationwide Payments for making sure our business runs as smoothly as possible. We hope to continue being partners as long as we operate."

Kevin Helinski, Greenhouse Winery

"As a small business we work very hard to keep our costs down. Working together with Nationwide Payments has enabled us to offer payment options to our customers at very a competitive rate. We don't have to worry about staying on top of the new changes as our relationship builders Dwight and Marilyn keep us up to date on those as well as keep us PCI compliant. A+"

Maureen Dunlap, Laboratory, Analytical & Biological Services, Inc.

"We are long time customers. With Nationwide Payments, and as all retailers had to upgrade our Nurit 8000 terminal to accept the new chip credit cards. We contacted our Rep. Bob Nonni, and after a few conversations on what our needs were, he decided the Paxs90 would fill the bill. We do outside craft shows, thus a wireless, battery operated terminal the Paxs90 was put in to operation on this past week-end. The start-up of the terminal went perfect. We did not take any chip cards, but are sure it will perform fine when the soft ware is available. Our thanks to Bob and all others involved."

Judy and Paul Myers, Myers Country Road Crafts


"Once again, Dwight has surpassed our expectations for extraordinary customer service. He prioritized our firm, making a site visit over the lunch hour to replace our credit card terminal with an updated unit that could handle our switch from Verizon to Comcast. This was not an easy task because our connection was not clearly marked and resided in an awkward location requiring a “get on your hands and knees” install. He then took the time to effectively train 6 staff members to ensure a smooth transition."

Marci J. Heidelbaugh, Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, LLP