Gift & Loyalty Marketing Programs

Gift cards gets new customers in the door and loyalty cards keep them coming back.

Gift and Loyalty cards are a proven way to drive traffic, gain new customers, increase sales and build awareness of your brand.

Your customers should be rewarded for their loyalty, as retaining customers is less costly than acquiring new ones. By providing gift and loyalty programs for customers, you’re not only saying thank you but you are also motivating them to continue to be your brand ambassadors. They can easily spread the word about your business to their friends, family, co-workers and social networks, helping your business increase its customer base.


Forbes asserts that keeping an existing customer is 7 times less expensive than acquiring a new one.


Gift Cards

Gift card sales have increased steadily over the years and demand remains incredibly strong. In fact, as of 2015, nearly 93% of American consumers surveyed have either given or received a gift card.

Research shows that consumers behave differently when spending with gift cards, leveraging a certain psychology of “I’ve already spent the money." People tend to reach for higher priced items when they’re spending off a gift card.

Getting a card created on your own or with a designer can be timely and expensive. Let us help you save some time and money with one of our professional print-ready gift and loyalty cards.

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More than half (55%) of gift cardholders return for an additional shopping trip to spend the balance


Loyalty Cards

Our Loyalty Card Program can increase revenue while simultaneously turning one time customers into repeat customers.

Loyalty cards are the single best way to get the word out about your business to attract new customers and reward loyal customers while tracking their spending and buyer behaviors. By implementing a loyalty rewards program, you are sending a message to your current and future client base that you are interested in a relationship with customers that is mutually beneficial.

Your loyalty cards can be as unique as your business! We can split card sets, individually code or number them, make them punch cards, have QR codes, a barcode or magnetic stripe, or we can create separate sets for reporting or marketing campaigns.

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66% of consumers modify amounts they spend to maximize points (Bond)