Processing FAQs

Aren't all processors the same?

Absolutely not. There are a myriad of processors available today, and no two are the same. Here at Nationwide Payments we work extremely hard each day to separate ourselves from the pack by offering services that the others simply don't: 24/7/365 technical support, guaranteed lowest rates, highly-trained and professional customer service and much, much more.

Why should I choose Nationwide over a company like Square or PayPal, who offer me a flat rate to pay on all of my cards?

Certain companies offer flat rate billing structures exclusively. While this may seem appealing, most flat rate programs are priced well above actual cost on popular interchange categories.

When a merchant is on a flat rate billing structure, they don't get to take advantage of lower priced card types. Nationwide Payments offers cost plus billing as well as flat rate billing to meet your individual needs and ensure you are paying the lowest rates possible. Your dedicated Sales Professional will show you the best solution for you. Click here for more info.

How does the transaction process work?

Transaction Process Flowchart  |  Transaction Process Video

How long will it be until I receive my funds?

After you process a payment, those funds are stored either in your credit card terminal or on your processing network until your daily batch is closed. At that point, the funds are sent electronically to your bank, who then processes them. This process typically takes about 48 business hours.

What kind of payments can I accept?

Through Nationwide Payments you will have the option of accepting credit, PIN-based debit, EBT, checks (via traditional deposit, guarantee or direct ACH), purchasing / corporate / government cards, Gift & Loyalty cards, E-payments and many more. Click here to review our 'industry solutions' or here to contact a sales representative directly for more information.

What contractual obligations will I have with Nationwide Payments?

With Nationwide Payments, you'll never be under any contractual obligation, yearly, monthly or otherwise. We'll always do everything within our power to make sure that your experience is a positive one, but should you decide to cancel your account anyway, all we ask is that you give us 60 days' advance notice with processing before making the switch (please note that if a full 60 days' advance notice is not provided, a termination fee based on your average monthly processing volume will be assessed). Also, remember that we offer a completely FREE, no-pressure evaluation of your current processing services, making the switch that much easier.

What are my options for IP (high-speed) processing?

If you have broadband capability in your place of business, we have several processing options that will allow you to take advantage of it. Significantly-reduce transaction times, decrease customer waiting time and increase the number of customers you can easily serve. Consult a sales representative for more info.

What is a rate guarantee?

Regardless of who you're processing through currently, you are charged a fee every time you process a transaction. These rates are set by your processor and are often highly inflated. Our rate guarantee assures you that our version of this per-transaction rate will be the lowest in the industry. If you receive a quote from a Nationwide Payments competitor, we will happily match and do our best to beat that rate.

Are your monthly statements easy to read, and who will walk me through my first one?

Our monthly statements are extremely easy to read and provide all the information you'll need to keep your books perfectly balanced. Your local sales representative will be more than happy to go through your statement with you line-by-line to make sure you completely understand what it is you're paying for and how much you're saving.

Can I see my statements online?

Absolutely! Transaction Manager is our online reporting system that allows you to track daily deposits, batches, view billing statements and monitor individual transactions so you can easily reconcile daily activity.

  • Receive automatic email notifications when your statements are available.
  • Online statements are available in printer friendly formats so you can always print if necessary.
  • Multi-location merchants have the ability to easily monitor and reconcile each of their locations via one log in.

Do you have special programs for different industries?

Yes. Our programs are perfectly structured to make sure that your costs are kept to a bare minimum, regardless of what industry you cater to. A common practice amongst other processors is to indiscriminately put merchants under similar but technically incorrect categories, which subsequently causes the merchants' transactions to qualify at higher rates, thus costing them more. Here at Nationwide Payments, we utilize very specific industry codes to ensure that your transactions qualify exactly as they should.

Is there an advantage in going with a company that offers me a free terminal?

While we always encourage our potential merchants to shop around (so they can see for themselves that we offer the best deals in the industry), we strongly urge you to keep in mind the old adage that nothing is truly free. Yes, there are processors out there who will offer you free equipment, but many merchants have found out to their dismay that these "free" terminals are compensated for in numerous other ways, including drastically-higher transaction fees, stricter cancellation policies and being held responsible for the cost of terminal repair or replacement - at much higher rates - should anything happen to it, just to name a few.